6 Ways to Organize Your Life

September 12, 2016

So I don’t know about you guys, but the million things I have had to do lately have been kicking me in the butt! I have been SO CRAZY busy with school (we are one week in…), a part-time job, blogging, family, church, and SO MUCH MORE. I have almost had mini break downs lately at how I am going to be able to balance everything for this semester….

So today’s blog post is mostly to help me, I’m pretty sure. But if this is something that can apply to your life, then YAY! We can cry together:) So let’s just get right into it!

  1. TAKE A BREATHunknown

Calm down. Relax. Take a breather. Do some yoga, or go buy yourself a cheat meal (taco bell for me), and tell yourself it is going to be okay. If you can’t, then I will ….. IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY, YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON! I know that sometimes it feels like you’re balancing the world on your shoulders, but God will never give you a trial you can’t handle, so just know that you are capable of ANYTHING you set your mind to. Just make sure to take a breath every once in a while:)


Whether it’s your phone, an actual planner, your laptop, or writing on your hand, WRITE THINGS DOWN. I find that I will lose track of ANYTHING if I don’t write it down. And make sure to store your schedule, your to-do list, and everything else all in one place! If you don’t, you will die.


3. COME UP WITH A PLAN0b069d391681fcc7eebbc10f018fd263

Don’t allow your busy schedule to take over your life. Make sure to fit your schedule around YOU. And even though this may not be an option for some of your activities (like school or your job), try the best you can to comply it with your schedule. You’ll thank me later.

4. GIVE YOURSELF “ME TIME”manicure-lead

This is probably the most important, and my personal favorite. When life gets crazy and you forget to breathe (refer to #1), what happens most of the times is that you will reach your breaking point, probably act like a crazy person to the people you love most in your life, and then you will cry uncontrollably for 5 minutes. Let’s avoid this. Set aside your “me time” as often as you will need it. It can be 30 minutes everyday, an hour once a week, or even for a whole day of the week if needed! Set time to go get a manicure, watch an episode of Gossip Girl, have yourself a spa day, go on a run, or do opposite and eat a whole jar of ben&jerry’s (I won’t judge). Whatever tickles your fancy! Do something to allow those endorphins out of your body so you can de-stress with your busy life.




K this is so key. Exercise is such a vital need everyone has in their lives. Whether you have nothing going on or everything going on, it’s so important to go to the gym, pull up some Pinterest workouts, do some yoga, or go on a run! By doing this, you will notice how much less stress is in your life.

6. DON’T LOST TRACK OF who you are

View More: http://brookebakken.pass.us/chrisandjaneLife is always gonna get crazy. But that doesn’t mean you need to become a wild animal in the making! Don’t lose track of who you are and who you love. Still be sure to treat people the same way if you had all the time in the world to chill. I find that when I am crazy busy, it is way easier for me to act like a crazy person to Chris or get mad road rage. Remember to take a breath, utilize all of these steps and love yourself!

Thanks so much for reading! XO



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