Cozy Fall Layering

October 6, 2016







I am so excited about the colder weather that is happening! I have pulled out all of my winter clothes, put them in my dresser, and I’ve put my summer clothes AWAY, and I am so thrilled. It is FINALLY oversized sweater time. EEEP!

So for this look, I paired an oversized tan sweater (literally got this from the DI for like $4! I love thrift stores:), and then I got in my comfy, go-to, denim jeans. I also paired this look with some of my favorite accessories! A floppy hat–every girl NEEDS a floppy hat in their closet, a maroon purse, and a cozy scarf which totally brought this whole outfit together if you ask me!

Fall layering is so great. I am holding onto this beautiful weather and these beautiful colors as long as I possibly can. Also– can we just talk about how gorgeous Idaho is for a second? I was seriously dying at this shoot yesterday!

One important tip! Make sure the different colors of your outfit goes together! I was wearing green leggings yesterday, but after putting on this scarf with the maroon and blue in it, I thought my blue jeans would work a lot better. What do you think? Comment down below and let me know:) Also if you have any requests, I would love to hear them as well! Hope you guys were able to receive some fashion inspo!!

Shop this Look:

So all of these layers I am wearing are actually things I just found in the back of my closet! But I have linked similar items below for you guys to shop:)

Thanks for reading! XOXO

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