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September 13, 2016

Hello girlies! I am SO sorry it has taken me a million and one years to post. I have been SO bad lately. I’m so sorry. Balancing 15 credits of school, a part time job, a husband (who I freakin love), church, food (please), working out (has yet to happen), AND blogging can be a little hectic. I will probably get grey hairs this semester maybe. But I promise to be better and to post at LEAST twice a week from now on:)

I wanted to share some of my favorite fashion trends that are going on right now!


So if you can’t tell this about me already, then obviously you don’t follow me on My Instagram… I find peplum tops to be SO cute and flattering! If you have some flubber on your stomach that you are working to get rid of, WEAR PEPLUM. It is honestly so flattering and ADORABLE.

dsc_0114 img_2430

(^I found this picture from Cara Loren’s Instagram.)


Vests have slowly come back in style recently and it is kind of the best. I don’t know what it is about them that are SO cute. It is so fun to have something to cover you like a jacket but still allowing you to show your sleeves!




2c9a1da61a06e4f59814af8efaf9f47f(^Picture from on https://www.pinterest.com/pin/306455949624872039/)


This is something I have LOVED recently. It adds a little bit of sexy to your average plain tee. This is definitely one of my favorite new trends.

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(Picture 1 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149463281362390181/)

(Picture 2 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/472033604676023945/)


Now this has been in style for a long time, but who doesn’t love jackets? Recently I bought this red beauty from Target and I’m SO in love. I have needed a good fall jacket for a while now! I wanted to get one in olive green, but I feel like every girl has that colored jacket in this style or similar! So I wanted to mix it up and get this in maroon and I’m so glad I did! I would recommend blondes to wear maroon! I don’t know why but it is such a flattering color I’ve found!

img_2531 img_2532

(^Pictures taken by the amazing KLJ photography. Check her amazing work at www.instagram.com/kljphotography_design )

Shop this jacket http://www.target.com/p/women-s-anorak-jacket-mossimo-supply-co/-/A-50734887


Lately I have been modeling for one of my favorite boutiques, Olive Ave. I have been DYING at their moto jegging collection! I wasn’t the biggest fan of jeggings too long ago, but these motos are SO adorable and unique. I love the texture on the thighs! Also, talk about flattering!

dsc_0105 DSC_0812


I used to HATE chokers. I thought “I can’t believe this is seriously becoming popular again! It won’t work!” Buuuuut… I have to say that I have slowly turned back to the light side… (or dark side… you choose). Chokers really do elongate your neck and gives yourself some chic to your outfit so who could disagree with that? Recently, I found a choker for like 6 bucks on Amazon! I found it here



I bought two pairs of skinny jeans from Hollister lately ($25 a pair like are you kidding:) and I am wishing that I had gotten the ones with holes in them! I am realizing more and more that jeans with holes in them are WAY more popular and stylish. I am thinking I may have to cut holes in my own jeans (yet I cannot seem to justify cutting up 2 new pairs of jeans lol) so we will see;)

f9abb30559d0456958a697dfbc43a6cd 243b2c11fb9f88c6a7df23cb915ad52b

(picture 1 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/521010250620166166/)

(picture 2 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/545498573596727238/)


I love these. I LOVE the gold bar, the little gold circle, just about anything gold that you can put around your neck. For a long time now, these have become quite the popular accessory. I love them though and will hang on to them for as long as I can, and I will pray that they never go out of style.


Photo found here


Again, also have been in style for a while. But who cares? They are so so cute. Tall boots have slowly gone out of style and shorter booties have slowly come in. But hey, I’m not complainin! I would take booties over uggs any day! (Remember uggs) These are a few of my favorite different styles.



Found at www.oliveave.com


This is something I am slow to pursue, but LOVE the way it looks. I have been a cross body purse type person for a LONG time. There is something that is so easy about throwing a strap over your shoulder and allowing your purse to sit on your right hip all day. It feels secure and easy to read into it. However, hand bags are quite the hot commodity nowadays! And I am not complaining. They really do look way more fashionable, chic, and even professional. You always see your favorite fashionistas sporting them! So I will hopefully join the hand bag club very soon;)

b020f880fccd09a3f109dcfb649db8eb 0e4333b74020c60221bce1dcb5b9ff3b

(pic 1 found at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/520306563182452737/)

(pic 2 found at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/563724078339329451/)

11. HATS

I told myself I would only do 10 but then I remembered hats. Hats have tickled my fancy so much lately. What is it about hats? They are so darling. I love that they are so in right now and so easy to wear! They really can be the finishing touch to a perfect outfit. I love them!

dsc_0101 DSC_0164


I hope you guys enjoyed some of my favorite current fashion trends! I have noticed that these things listed above have gotten quite popular lately and I absolutely love it! Fashion Trends are always a fun and great thing to keep up with. Thanks so much for reading, I’ll talk to you guys again soon!! xoxo

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    1. Hey Jane!! First I miss you! I hope everything with you has been great! Second where did you get your moto jeggings? I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect pair and I love yours.

      1. Mia!! I’m so good, how are you?! I found these moto jeggings at oliveave.com! You can also find them at roolee.com 🙂

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