How to pull off the “Oversized Sweater” look

October 18, 2016

dsc_0063 Oversized sweaters. are heaven. What is it about them that are just a girl’s dream? Probably just because they are the epitome of comfy if you ask me! I recently got a new one and I love it so much! I will link it below.

Every year, I am constantly on the lookout for oversized sweaters, and they can be super expensive sometimes! Or sometimes you will find a super cute sweater but it will be fitted and you just can’t get yourself to buy it! Honeys, I understand.

I’ve come up with a couple of ways to find the perfect oversized sweater for yourself to keep the warmth in, and the beauty out and visible!


1.ORDER 2 SIZES UPdsc_0057

This is the best tip I can offer you. I can’t tell you how many XL sweatshirts and sweaters I have ordered that I LOVE! Also, they are always bound to shrink after washing them so you can never go going bigger. In the first outfit I am wearing above by Coco and Main (ps– This sweater is only $13! And this is a new boutique I have found and they are AMAZING! Take a look at their website/ clothes. You will die, they are so cute!) and even though I am normally a small, I went ahead and ordered a large and I’m so glad I did! I don’t believe they had an XL, but the LARGE still totally works! I have been wearing this red and navy cardigan everywhere lately! It is so warm and comfy and it can seriously go with anything!


If you want to complete that “oversized sweater” look, leggings are essential! It makes up for the hugeness on top and allows you to look fitted on the bottom. Jeggings also work, but for the love! Stay away from anything else! If you have  super cute pair of jeans you want to pull off, save your oversized sweater for a rainy day (literally lol).

3. THE SLOUCHIER THE BETTER21cd0bd8bf1e703b5d83508b3fb80c35

If you want to perfect that oversized look, try to go for as slouchy as you can! I love this, because it gives you an excuse to dress lazy, and it actually looks cute!

4. PAIR OUTFIT WITH BOOTS and long socksdsc_0051

You can never go wrong with an oversized sweater, leggings, and boots. Combat boots would be best if possible, but any boot should work.

5. THE LONGER THE BETTER. COVER YOUR BUM57a8cd4e74617d19e5e5f01c41c456a6

So this is pretty obvious but I thought why not include it? It’s crucial to pull off this look! Make sure the sweater is long enough to cover your bum! That is what will complete your “oversized” look!
















Shop MY look:

Red and navy sweater: HERE

Leggings: HERE

Socks: HERE

Lipstick: Mac in Russian Red 


Other oversized sweater ideas: (BE SURE TO ORDER AT LEAST 2 SIZES UP:)

FOREVER 21+ Ribbed High Neck Sweater • Forever 21 • $22.90
boohoo Emma Cowl Neck Soft Knit Jumper • Boohoo • $26
Gray Waffle-Knit Open Cardigan • $26.99
Cappuccino Waffle-Knit Open Cardigan • $26.99
Sanctuary Cozy Tunic Sweater • Sanctuary • $38.09
Express wide ribbed bateau neck abbreviated sweater • Express • $39.90

•     •     •     •

Slouchy sweater photo 1 from

Long sweater photo 2 from

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