Insane 3 Week Workout Challenge

November 1, 2016

Hey everyone! This blog post is long over due. I go to Hawaii in 3 WEEKS so I need to get in shape QUICK! I would love for you guys to join me! We are going to be tightening our booties, getting a flatter stomach, and overall becoming FIT!

I’ve created a schedule for you guys so feel free to save this image or take a screenshot to keep track everyday! I promise you will feel your muscles working and getting stronger and stronger! Who doesn’t like being fit?


This workout is perfect for people who are out of shape, wanting to get back into shape again (aka me). CAUTION: IF YOU DON’T FEEL THAT YOUR BODY CAN HANDLE ANY OF THESE EXERCISES, PLEASE, PLEASE DO THEM IN SETS, OR JUST STOP. Safety first, people!

I promise you will feel your body working and sweating! It will be SO WORTH IT!


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