My perfect wedding

All my life, I grew up with an idea of what I wanted for my wedding. I dreamed about the type of dress I would pick, the color tie my groom would wear, the entire color scheme of my special day, and even how my invitations would look. I never thought it would all actually come together though.

The morning after Chris amazingly proposed, I woke up in realization of how much stuff I had to do to make my wedding happen. Then I got really excited  and may have squealed a little bit because I was about to plan my dream wedding.

For future brides: wedding planning is not as hard as it sounds. You are basically planning the best day of your life! So my best advice to you guys would be DO NOT STRESS ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS. No one will notice. And it wastes time and energy. Wipe away the stress, go on Pinterest, and feel better.

My wedding went way too fast. The four months leading up to the wedding were the longest four months of my entire life. The second your wedding day hits, it’s over. I am so grateful to for all of my vendors that made my perfect day happen though.

Williamson-Wedding-0056 Williamson-Wedding-0154Williamson-Wedding-0191

Williamson-Wedding-1518 Williamson-Wedding-1522 Williamson-Wedding-1524 Williamson-Wedding-1137 Williamson-Wedding-1547 Williamson-Wedding-1253Williamson-Wedding-1485 Williamson-Wedding-1163 Williamson-Wedding-1141 BBP_6768 Williamson-Wedding-1506Williamson-Wedding-1509

Shoutout to my amazing vendors!

Leslie Dawn Events, Brooke Bakken Photography, Krissi Cook Films, Brynn Thomas Hair and Makeup (Wedding Day Updo and makeup), Sax Romney Flowers

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