One of the seven wonders.

June 25, 2016

When Chris and I landed in Mexico for our honeymoon and got to our condo, there was a big stand outside the entrance with huge billboards promoting the tour to the famous Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. We knew we had to go. The salesmen were ruthless however. They would come up to us every time we left our condo and attack us with “deals” and info about Chichen Itza. After doing some more fishing at different tour stands, Chris and I found the most AMAZING deal for such a cheaper price than the ruthless men outside our condo.

We went on Wednesday and the tour started at 7:30 AM, we took a two hour bus ride with a bus full of American tourists and the cutest, most hilarious  Cancun native woman who was our tour guide. We went to a little restaurant where lunch was included, and we were able to eat a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet while watching a little Mexican man and woman dressed in Mexican traditional, cultural clothing, dance with beer bottles and all sorts of different items balancing on their heads.

Our tour guide also encouraged everyone to buy the famous Mayan alcohol (which “blew Tequila out of the water” I guess)… They even took a picture of us and put it on a bottle and asked us if we wanted to buy one. Chris and I don’t drink so we politely declined it, but I had to take a picture.



After we ate, we made our way to Chichen Itza. It was 90 degrees outside but it was miraculously cloudy so the sun burns Chris and I currently had did not sting from the sun like it should have. Chichen Itza is HUGE, and it is completely dense. It isn’t hollow at all inside there! Our tour guide all had us clap at the same time, and we could hear the loudest echo from the top of the ruins.




It was so interesting and amazing to hear about the ancient people who lived there, how they made it, what their city was like, how they sacrificed people, and even the sports they played. They are the ones that started lacrosse everyone! But instead of using a 2.5 inch ball and sticks, they used a 13 pound ball the size of a medicine ball and they used their hands! They would throw it from very far away and the only way they could catch it was by cushioning the catch into their hip, otherwise it would shatter any other bone they would catch it with.


Hearing about the precise way the Mayans would sacrifice each other and with what kind of knife made me a little queasy. So I am not going to talk about it:)

Chichen Itza was the coolest place I have ever gone to. I am SO glad we went and I would recommend this tour to anyone who is ever planning on visiting Cancun. After Chichen Itsa, the last part of our tour included a stop at the “Cenote” which is a sinkhole (like a pool inside a cave) that the Mayans created. Chris and I got our swim suits on, held hands as we walked down the steps of the completely dark cave (they hadn’t turned the lights on yet) and we walked out and jumped into the creepy dark turquoise water, unsure of how deep it was, what was in there ETC. It was SO COOL THOUGH. Wasn’t very cold, but definitely wasn’t warm. Soon, all of the American tourists that were on our bus joined us. Chris and I swam across the cave to the other side to explore.


After another 2 hour. tired bus ride home, Chris and I grabbed some food and fell asleep so quick! It was such an eventful day. One we would never forget. I’m so glad we went. I hope you all can make it there one day!

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