Recipe for Romantic Birthday/ Date night Surprise

July 11, 2016

This last weekend, I celebrated my cute hubby’s birthday. He made my birthday so wonderful and amazing last month, so I wanted to think of something clever and sweet to make his day just as special. I thought about taking him down memory lane to an old spot that has had a lot of memories for us (like where we first kissed, where we went star gazing one time, etc) but Chris had to work all day on Saturday so I knew he was just exhausted.

I had ALWAYS wanted to plan this surprise for him and I was so excited I finally had the chance to do it. I was going to give Chris a “Spa Date Night Surprise”. Now don’t laugh. I know it sounds girly but for girls who are wanting to plan a special night for their man and are wondering how/ what to do… This is your guide.

While Chris and I were on our way to our favorite sushi restaurant, I told him what I had planned for him. I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking “Yaaay.. a spa night. Best surprise ever…” Lol. But when I told him what would be involved, I knew he was excited for how relaxing/ chill of a night it would be.

In the end, Chris was SO HAPPY. He loved it so much. I hope you all have the chance to try this. It was the best Romantic Birthday Surprise ever.

Here is a list of things you will need:

  • Sleep mask with gel-beads (make sure to put in the freezer for 2 hours before your date night!)

sleep mask

  • Lavender Infused Oil (–I will DEFINITELY be buying this again.)

lav oil

  • Footscrub


  • Cetaphil Lotion (He likes this kind because it dries so quickly on his skin)


  • A pack of 12 white candles (Only $5 from Walmart! Will be buying these again for sure.)


Things that would be great to have as well include: 

Music speaker, relaxing massage music, pillow, a wet towel, a dry towel, and a lighter. Also looking up some great massage techniques on Pinterest/ Youtube will definitely help as well;)

Once we got home from Sushi, I told Chris to wait in the living room while I got everything set up. I put the candle votives all throughout the room and lit them, I got his Bose music speaker hooked up with a 3-hour (just to be safe) Youtube video of a Relaxing Massage background music, and I got a bed set up for him to lay on while I would give him the special spa treatment. I also turned the lights off so the candle light was the only thing lighting the room.

When he came into our dimmly lit room, he was so surprised. I had him lay face down on the bed, with his head on the pillow and I put the cold sleep mask over his eyes. I then slowly worked out any knots in his shoulders/ back with the Lavender oil. (We have now learned that oil is essential for massages.) I worked through his arms and massaged the palms of his hands with the oil as well. For his legs, I used the Cetaphil Lotion so the oil wouldn’t spill over on the sheets. When I gave him a foot massage, I worked the Foot Scrub all over the bottoms of his feet. I cleaned the foot scrub off with a wet towel and then worked Cetaphil lotion through his feet to moisturize them.

It was such a great experience. Chris absolutely loved the relaxing massage and the romantic, soothing setting. He could not stop talking about it. So pretty much, this Spa Night will be a weekly thing now I’m pretty sure, but I’m not complaining! It was seriously so romantic and relaxing and it made Chris’s birthday so much more special.

Ps I have the best husband ever, and I love him so much.


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