Stacked Braid Hair Tutorial

August 6, 2016

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Hello beautiful people! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days! These past few days have been CRAZY! I wrote this up for you guys the other day, so I hope you enjoy;)

Right now I am on my way to the EAST COAST, New Jersey! I just took off from­­ Salt Lake and I have a layover in Chicago, but I will get to NJ soon enough (not really, but I am holding in there).  I am SO excited to be in the east coast again! I’m so sad that Chris isn’t coming with me this week, but he is going to have some fun bro time, and we are going again for Christmas:)

Yesterday I took these photos at probably one of the most scenic places where I live. Living in Idaho, the scenery is actually quite beautiful! You just have to go out and find it;) The WORST thing ever happened though. On our way to taking the pics, Chris drove us to our favorite soda place (where of course, I always get a dirty root beer –SO GOOD). My camera was hooked into the tripod balancing on my lap, and right as I took a sip, the soda exploded through the lid ALL OVER ME AND MY CAMERA LENS. Luckily I was able to wipe it off of my camera quickly enough so no damage was done, but here I am, completely dressed up and ready for pics, and there is now root beer ALL over my shirt. Literally everywhere. It was the worst. So I went home and changed and now that shirt is probably ruined in my hamper (we didn’t have time to do laundry AGAIN before we left out of town). Therefore, we will never be stopping for soda before blog pictures again:) So there’s my week in a nutshell for you guys!

Anyway! Yesterday I did a Barefoot Blonde inspired Stacked Braid in my hair! I love how complex and intricate this hairstyle looks, yet it is the easiest thing ever! It is so gorgeous and it takes no more than 10 minutes to do in your hair. I have a tutorial for you guys as well so make sure to try it out yourself and show the world your beautiful hair!

TOP: Kohls | Headband: Target | Necklace: HERE | Watch: HERE | Shoes: HERE

Lipstick: BITE in Mulberry | Falsies: HERE

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