This Vest Got Me Through My Week

October 28, 2016

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So I know this is cheesy, but this vest has low key (high key) gotten me through this long week! It has been a really long week with lots of ups and downs, but I have honestly loved wearing this vest (and shirt) all week! They’re both from Fancy Frills Boutique and gosh, I’m obsessed!! They have been so warm and SO cute. Totally made this week worth it. (I’ll link them down below.)

So here is where my crazy week began:

First off, last weekend, I went to Salt Lake because my mom came to visit the west coast! It was SO fun to be around my sisters and mom for the weekend. The only thing was that Chris couldn’t make it because he had a huge accounting test he needed to study for and way too much homework (yes, being married to an accounting student has it’s downs if you didn’t notice! lol) 

So I was SO BUMMED! But I understood. It didn’t make sense for him to drive four hours on Saturday night getting him to Utah at midnight only to drive back not even a day later. And plus that’s just a lot of gas that isn’t worth it. So on Sunday, while driving around Salt Lake with my mom, I noticed that Chris’s brakes were being REALLY weird and rumbling/ vibrating any time I touched the them. I started to feel nervous about my four hour drive I would have to make back to Idaho that night. We knew that we had to replace the brake pads soon, but this couldn’t have been worse timing.

I contemplated staying an extra night in Salt Lake so I could take the car in to get fixed on Monday morning. I would have to miss my work shift, and my 3 classes which in which my attendance is mandatory. Last minute, Chris calls me after talking to his dad and we decide that I will be driving his dad’s HUGE suburban back to Idaho, while his dad will go take our car into the shop in Salt Lake through the week (because there was no guarantee I could get the car in for an appointment that next morning). I started the drive back to Idaho at like 7:45 on Sunday night  and FINALLY, I made it home to my cute husband (who had the ENTIRE apartment cleaned for me. Dishes done, bed made, everything vacuumed– yup I love him).

Let me tell you, I have NO idea how people here drive around in trucks. ESPECIALLY PARK. I have had trouble driving around in Chris’s dads suburban this week (driving around a populated college town), and I can’t imagine how trucks do it! #respect

But anyway, this week has been SO LONG AND AWFUL. Chris has had so much homework this week, and this week being a more emotional week than usual (wink wink), I feel like I have just been depressingly dragging myself around, and I haven’t been as chipper as I normally am.

Another sucky thing is that we have to drive back to Salt Lake this weekend now to get Chris’s car back AND pay a couple hundred bucks to cover Chris’s new brakes (yes, welcome to adult life Jane). But the thing is, we are not even leaving til tomorrow afternoon, so we will literally drive eight hours just to be in salt Lake for not even a whole day! ha

Now that I have vented about all of the depressing things of this week, let me talk about some of the good things:) CHRIS AND I HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 6 MONTHS TODAY. I can’t believe it:) I am going to write a post in the next couple of days about what these last 6 months have been like, and I can’t wait to share!

Another happy thing: It was honestly a miracle that the brakes stopped working when they did last weekend. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like if they stopped working on my way back to Idaho! I don’t even know what I would have done! So there is tender mercy #1!

Another tender mercy: It was so great of Jim (Chris’s dad) to let us use his suburban for the week. And he was so nice to take Chris’s car into the shop to get it fixed. He did NOT have to do that, but he is really just the kindest person ever and we appreciated it so much.

Tender Mercy #3: Chris and I made it to the temple this week even though he had SO MUCH HOMEWORK. We somehow made time, and we were both so happy we made it. It was such a sweet experience. It always is!

Tender Mercy #4: Again, I have worn this vest all week and it’s so amazing how dressing warm AND stylish can make a difference in your life lol.

Tender Mercy #5: IT’S FRIDAY AND THE WEEK IS PRETTY MUCH OVER AND HALLOWEEN IS ON MONDAY! WOO HOO! What are you guys being for Halloween? Comment down below! I’d love to know!

Shop this look:


Vest: HERE

Leggings: HERE

Boots: Old, Similar  HERE


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