Ultimate Travel Packing List

November 17, 2016

This week is the week to start packing! I leave for Kauai in 3 DAYS! AH!! I have been non-stop adding more and more things to my to-do list, so I thought I could help you guys out! I HATE packing most of the time, but that is just because it is so overwhelming! If you have a list though, it makes it so much easier. So here are all of the essentials you will need before you go on you go home for the holidays!

WHAT TO PACK FIRST:pexels-photo-45982

•Outfits (for each day that you will be gone PLUS 2 more just incase)
•Outerwear (Sweatshirts, coats, jackets if needed)
•Dress/ skirt (church clothes if needed)
Underwear (bring enough lol)

•Sunscreen (if needed)
•Toiletries- Feminine Products, lotion, tweezers, nail clippers, nail file, bandaids, perfume (plan ahead what you will need)
•Shoes (Boots, sneakers, flats/ flip flops)
•Camera Charger

•Tee Shirts (at least 3)
•Workout Shorts, Running shoes, Sports bra (if planning on working out while gone)
•Accessories- Jewelry, Hats, Bags, Watch, Hair accessories, sunglasses etc…
•Swimsuits+Coverups (if needed)
•**Make a LIST of any other essential things that you will need to bring!**


•Haircare- Hair brush, hair comb, dry shampoo, shampoo and conditioner — any other products/ tools needed (hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, hairspray, etc…)
•Skincare- Face Wash, Moisturizer, Makeup Remover, Soap, Bodywash, etc…
•Any needed medicine/ vitamins, ADVIL (just incase)

•Tooth Paste
•Tooth Brush
•Laptop Charger
•Phone Charger
•Wallet, money

•Neck Pillow/ Regular Pillow (MUST)
•Blanket OR a sweatshirt to keep warm
•If going on a plane- BRING SOCKS! My feet always get freezing!

•Magazines/ Books/ something to do (for me, it will be the rest of my wedding thank you letters to write!)
•Phone or iPod

•SNACKS (My personal faves are Pringles, Gummy Bears, Chocolate, a sandwich, water, some fruit, packed lunch)


•Refill any prescriptions you will need if necessary!
•Wash makeup brushes (I’m planning on doing this today!
•Go to Walmart and get any last things you need
•Get homework done in ADVANCE (if necessary)
•Update music on phone
•Get rid of food that will rot in your fridge!
•Take the garbage out before you head out the door! The worst is when you get home to a stinky house!
•Have yourself a SPA DAY! (Tint your eyelashes and eyebrows, exfoliate, give yourself a faux tan!) — I have tutorials for these coming! Here is a tutorial for how to dye your own eyebrows for SO CHEAP!


Shop Tint Kit: HERE (only $15!!)




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    1. I loved this post! I just went on a international trip and I always think I’ve got the packing down but it always becomes daunting the day before! I love the list and will be printing this off to use for my next packing experience! Thanks for sharing!

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